Collection: Valdas Kurklietis

Exploring Social and Existential Themes through Ceramics

Valdas Kurklietis, a prominent ceramic artist from Lithuania, has in the years since 1999 participated in many exhibitions and projects both nationally and internationally. His artistry is focused on ceramic sculptures, where he explores different stoneware and glazes to create unique works.

Through his art, Valdas reflects on deep social and existential themes. Many of his sculptures are conceptual and carry both humorous and sometimes disturbing elements. A recurring theme in his work is exploring and commenting on overuse and pointless consumption in society. Through ceramics, he addresses issues of global warming and other environmental challenges.

Valdas Kurklietis gives the viewer food for thought through his artistic expression, and his work is a reminder that art has the power to be a platform for social reflection and awareness.


Master's degree in ceramic art at the Vilnius Academy of Arts in Lithuania


Gallery Ekdahl, Karlstad
“Drejeriet” gallery, Östersund, Sweden
Kaunas Gallery "Aukso Pjuvis", Lithuania
Kaunas gallery Balta, Lithuania
Kaunas Academy Gallery, Lithuania


6th Vilnius Ceramic Art Biennale, Vilnius, Lithuania
Cluj International Ceramics Biennale, Cluj, Romania
Spring Salon 2018, Liljevalchs, Stockholm, Sweden
Mostra "Terre di Kaunas e Vilnius", Ascoli Piceno, Italy
International Ceramic Tile Triennial", Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Pinacoteca Albertina, Turin, Italy
54° Mostra della Ceramica, 11th mostra delle arti applied, Città di Castellamonte, Italy