Collection: Kjeld Ulrich

Kjeld Ulrich made his debut in 1972 after five years of art education. He moved to France in 1988 to develop further as an artist. He decided to move back to Denmark in 1996. Kjeld's pictures can constantly be seen around Europe and he is represented in both private and public collections. He paints in an abstract expressionist, often symbolically saturated idiom.

If you look more closely at the artist's new paintings, you realize that he has had more to say and that some paintings have also been stronger in color, as well as some new works on paper. There are still philosophical shings of the French expression le monde and l'essentiel which are now juxtaposed against the words Mirror, Route 66 and Broadway. In the new paintings, one can also observe that the points that previously disappeared from his motifs begin to reappear. The tight drawing of a corset and girls on French postcards.


Funen Art Academy, Kaj Kylborg 1968 -1972


CP. Århus.
KE. Den fria Kbh
Galleri Flindt. Aarhus
Fyn Graphic i Nikolaj Church, Köpenhamn
Galleri 14. Filosofgangen Odense
Galleri Matilde Amsterdam 
Good Company Gal. NY. USA
Galleri One San Fransisco. USA 
Galleri Tantius Lubbecke D
James Gallery Los Angeles, USA
Galleri Feldballe Kolding 
Galleri Westing Odense
Fiac Grand Palaeis Paris 
Print & affisch Odense
Int.Impack Art Festival Kyoto.Japan
Galleri Mats Bergman Stockholm
Galleri Monica Benbasat Norrköping
Galleri Åklund. Lund
Galleri Nane Stern Paris
Galleri Feldballe Kolding
Bill Feldt Kunstverein 
Søllerød Konstförening
Forum Art Fair Hamburg
Galleri Nane Stern Paris
Galleri Mats Bergman Karlstad
Fiac Grand Palaeis Paris
Galleri Rasmus Odense
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12 Triennale Int De Gravure Org Schweiz
Galleri Rasmus Odense
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Euromericane den Graboba 
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Galleri DECO Aalborg
Gallery Tantius Lubbecke
Danska Svenska Kompaniet
Galleri Rasmus hus TAVI Skagen
Galleri Brænderigaarden Horsens


Received Fanden's birthday bequest
Travel scholarship Codanfonden
BG. The fund