Collection: Paul Quant

Paul Quant began his career at the Statens Materialverk's laboratory (FMV) in 1977, where for five years he learned the secrets of photography from experienced school photographers. Handling everything from glass plates to World War II aerial footage, these masters created a solid foundation for Paul's future photographic work.

After this apprenticeship, Paul moved on to shooting for the Police Technical Department, capturing crime scenes and conducting studio photography. This demanding work, which included laboratory work to develop plausible clues, fully developed Paul's creative prowess.

In 1986, Paul was recruited as a commercial photographer and lab director for Studio FJK, a studio founded and edited by three prominent journalists from Dagens Nyheter.

Since 1992, Paul Quant has devoted himself entirely to commercial, portrait and fine art photography. He has deepened his knowledge through photo, video and editing studies at the Royal Academy of Arts and Art Union, while developing his work with Sinar large-format Polaroid. Searching for the right image, mood and composition shows his genuine love and respect for the craft itself. Mistakes and lessons learned from these elaborate processes are often inspirational in his diverse creative work.


Royal Academy of Arts
Art department