Collection: Mia Willaume

Explorer of People and Relationships through Color and Form

Mia Willaume, the prominent Danish artist born in 1974. Her love of color and form takes shape through the use of acrylic on both paper and canvas, creating images where simplicity meets deeper meaning.

In Mia Willaume's artwork, the viewer often encounters a world of simple forms, where everyday objects such as bowls and cups take on new meaning. These objects become not only artistic expressions but also portals to stories about people and relationships. Mia herself explains that each brush stroke carries with it the feeling of human presence and interaction.

Mia Willaume's art invites the viewer to reflect on the everyday and find the beauty in simplicity. Her work becomes a journey through colors and shapes where the artist opens doors to people's worlds and the relationships that bind them together.

Explore Mia Willaume's art and let yourself be enchanted by her unique ability to depict the human in a variety of colors and shapes. An exhibition that not only makes the artist's skill visible, but also invites you to share her view of the world and the connections made through art.