Collection: Henry Brownett

It sometimes happens that we stop in front of something that catches our interest. Here the self-chatter ends and perhaps we hear ourselves for the first time in a long time. The questions we hid about life, our longing, love... our end.”

The photographs and texts are moments when we stop for a while, when the buzzing in our heads quiets down and we get in touch with ourselves... maybe for the first time in a long time.


The stage school in Stockholm


Gallery Mats Bergman Stockholm
Ethnographic Museum
Hovdala Castle
Gallery Fallera
Nordic Art Gallery
Art gallery in Båstad


His photo art can also be found as part of the decor at restaurants: 'Himmelska Hundar' and Café FOAM in Stockholm.

Poetry debut 2005. Came with the poetry collection: "Nermare Nu" (Almlöfs publishing house). Since then, Henry has written several children's books, poetry collections and Kaddish (holy in Aramaic), a collection of short stories (Bokförlaget Langenskiöld).

In collaboration with the Ethnographic Museum, Peter Nyberg (Editor of the magazine Populär Poesi) and Carola Magnuson (CEO Carolas Eko) created a unique event in Stockholm with poetry performances. Newly written material with Sweden's foremost poets and young promises was invited to perform once a month in the years 2013-2018.