Collection: Gustav Sundin

Swedish artist. Gustav is based in Torekov on the Bjäre Peninsula, where he helped form the artist group BjäreMålarna together with his friend Nick Alm. The group has been active in Båstad and on the Bjäre Peninsula in the summers since 2006, including notable exhibitions at Norrvikens Trädgårdar.


The Florence Academy of Art, Italy
In 2007 -2008 he taught at the Swedish FAA branch


Konstrundan Northwest Skåne
Helsingborg Art Association
Gallery Torekov
Konstrundan Northwest Skåne
The pump house Borstahusen
Konstrundan Northwest Skåne
Gallery Strandvägen - Stockholm
Gallery Don Clarre - Torekov
Gallery Jansson & Jäger
Bjäremålarna's 8th Summer Salon
Gallery Don Clarre
Konstrundan - Torekov
Galleri Jäger & Jansson - Figuratively Speaking - Lund January