Collection: Helena Nilsson Öman

Helena Nilsson Öman considers herself a painter, although her tool is a camera instead of a brush. She explores painting through photography, particularly with the technique known as Intentional Camera Movement (ICM). This technique involves moving the camera during the moment of exposure, giving space to capture impressions, emotions and special atmospheres in a way similar to traditional painting.

The artist uses ICM to create personal and emotional interpretations of reality in front of the camera. By experimenting with this technique, she seeks to understand human inner movements and create an artistic reflection on what it means to be human. Sometimes Helena integrates parts of other images during the digital processing to enhance her artistic expressions.


Photo and digital image, Broby Grafiska, Sunne, 2007-2008
Image and form, Kyrkeruds Folkhögskola, Årjäng 1996
Courses in photography, darkroom work and Adobe Photoshop during the 00s
Courses in sketch drawing during the 90s


Featured photographer by ICM Photography Magazine, an electronic magazine for ICM images. Presentation of Helena together with a selection of her photos.
Arvika Art Association's spring salon
EPI artists, digital exhibition, Munich
Värmland Art Association's autumn salon
KRUT - Konstrundan in the Ulvsby district