Collection: Eva Nielsen

The photographer behind the camera lens considers himself genreless, with a breadth that encompasses everything from portraits to landscapes and "decisive moments". Crucial to whether an image is preserved or not is its ability to fit into the categories of "enjoyable composition" or "emotion worth sharing." Self-taught and inspired by photographers such as Irving Penn, Elliot Erving, Vivian Maier, Sally Mann and Henri Cartier Bresson, the photographer seizes the opportunity to capture different cultures and landscapes through his profession as a freelance gynecologist and obstetrician.

Leica is the preferred tool for photography, and to ensure high quality throughout the process, including printing, the photographer himself handles the prints on Fine Art paper. With two solo exhibitions to his credit, at Kosters Trädgårdar (South Coast) and Sjöboden in Brevik (Norway) during the summer of 2022, the photographer has shared his depictions of the world. In addition to this, two books have been published: "OCLUST" in spring 2022 and "THE FAROES(E)" in 2019. A journey through images and words that illuminates a unique point of view and creates an opportunity for viewers to share the photographer's journey.