Collection: Madeleine Pyk

Colorful Visions by Madeleine Pyk

Madeleine Pyk is an artist who explores the naïve style with passion and creativity. Her art is characterized by the use of vivid and intense colors, and she explores a wide range of subjects, including landscapes, still lifes and portraits.

Pyk's artwork reflects a strong longing for the idyllic, where she captures moments of hot summer days and icy winter landscapes. Her brushstrokes capture not only scenes but also the feeling of each moment, giving the viewer a glimpse into the artist's unique point of view.

Wildlife comes alive under Pyk's brush, especially the cats and tigers. By using colorful palettes, she creates images that vibrate with joy and life. Gardens become canvases where every flower and leaf is painted with care and precision.

Stockholm becomes a playground for Ottoman and French influences in Pyk's work. She manages to incorporate these cultural elements in a unique way, giving her art a global feel.

Madeleine Pyk's art is a journey through colorful visions, where each painting tells a story and captures the beauty of the moment in a unique way.


Art department 1951–1955
Royal Academy of Arts 1963–1967


Gallery Mats Bergman
Gallery Blanche, Stockholm
The artist's house
The Olle Olsson house Hagalund
Gallery Engström.
Galleri Bergman Gothenburg, Karlstad and Malmö
Halmstad's art salon
Gallery Blue Umeå
Tidö Castle
Cavaletta Uppsala
Gallery Uddenberg Gothenburg
The county museum in Varberg
Gallery Angel Lund
Ljusdal Art Museum
Gothenburg Art Museum
Artists Center Malmö
Galerie Belin Visby


She has illustrated books, including for Jacques Werup and Barbro Lindgren, but has also written her own books. The book Jag leker att jag liver (1990) by Anja Notini, and the film Boxas med molnen (1987) by Kerstin Odhenkrans are about Madeleine Pyk.

Madeleine Pyk was awarded the Illis Quorum in 2008.

Represented (in selection), Modern Museum Stockholm, Stockholm City's collection, Museums in Norrköping, Västerås, Umeå and Östersund, Västerås City's collection

Public works (in selection), AB Vin & Spritcentralen, Gröndal, KF Stockholm, Judiska centretStockholm, Mariehill Djurgården, ABBA office Stockholm, Handarbetet's friends have transferred several of Madeleine Pyk's paintings to textiles and fabrics.