Collection: Kicki Edgren

The Artist's Journey through Time and Space

With her first art exhibition already at the age of 15, Kicki Edgren began her journey into the world of art. Born in 1972, she has since explored and developed her artistry in many different ways. Despite several art educations, including a master's education from HDK-Valand, University of Gothenburg, it is her lifelong curiosity and passion for visual expression that has been her main source of knowledge and inspiration.

Kicki has not only devoted herself to art, but has also made a significant impact in the world of design, where she has been awarded multiple times for her work in graphic design, pattern design and product design. This broad experience has enriched her artistry and given her a unique ability to create works that both touch and inspire.

Over the years, Kicki has had over 20 art exhibitions around Sweden and has recently also expanded her artistry to international arenas, with exhibitions in countries such as Monaco, Spain, Italy and Canada. By allowing herself to be inspired by different cultures and landscapes, she has created an artistic narrative that transcends borders and languages, and that attracts viewers from all over the world to explore and experience her work.