Collection: CFDahl

CFDahl has his roots in Hällevik and Sölvesborg in Blekinge and early developed his interest in abstract painting. This passion was encouraged by art teacher Rolf Palvén during elementary school. After undergoing art education at Österlen's art school in Simrishamn and the photography school in Lund, CFDahl worked as a photo assistant for fashion and advertising photographers in Malmö before starting his own as a freelance photographer.

In the late 1990s, he seriously returned to painting, bringing with him clear photographic influences to the art world. Characteristic of CFDahl is the creation in a borderland - between photography and painting, abstract and concrete, dreams and reality. He works thematically and creates an exciting, multidimensional image where details from the photograph can be sensed in an abstract movement from the painting. By bringing the media together, he creates a ephemeral form where the figurative in the photograph dissolves while clear figures contribute to the abstract whole. CFDahl often returns to themes such as memories, longing and dreams in his art. It is the abstract and intangible of these states that fascinates him. CFDahl wants to capture the fleeting and the unclear.