Collection: Camilla Forssell Pyk

Camilla mainly works with painting. Camilla writes about her painting: My painting is the meeting between the entities the self, the present, the color and the form. Filled with lust, I am captured by the drama of the meeting. Sometimes I myself am the most important party, something may need to be clarified for me to become wiser about it.

Another time, it is a mood, a season or a light that is the strongest driver. But often, perhaps most of the time, it is the color-form dynamic that, immersive and demanding, wins the battle for my concentration. An art critic and international online gallerist has said:

"Camilla Forssell Pyk has a special and very dynamic relationship with color and form and an appeal that is characterized by directness, strong playfulness and spontaneity. Her pictures contain a lot of love and tenderness, which creates a very special aura around the paintings. Sometimes very naked beings that meets us from the canvases. Independent and curious with a strong presence. Camilla's painting is intuitive and direct with references to herself and her life".


Hägernäs Strand's Gallery
Lidköping Art Gallery
Bergström, Jönköping
Old Enskede, Stockholm
International Art Festival Athens
North, Örebro
D12 Uppsala
Tvärgländ, Söderhamn
Graphic, Lysekil
Maralto, Smögen
Art gallery Liro, Karlskrona
The Swedish Aunt, Växjö
Ulvsunda Castle, Stockholm
Graphic, Lysekil
Gallery Raus, Helsingborg
Seahorse, Nyköping
Dare to See, Stockholm
Victoria Gallery, Gothenburg
Art n' Tart, London
Genesis Gallery, Athens
Grafström, Turku
Karlenström Gallery, Borås
Couture Gallery, Stockholm
Majvillan, Gothenburg
SO (Doctor Glas), Stockholm
Gallery Rialto, Mallorca
The Swedish Medicines Agency, Uppsala
Löfsta Mill, Löfsta
Eighteen99, Sollefteå
Rönnqv. & Rönnqv., Malmö
Gallery One step down, Varberg
The Swedish Club, Paris
Gallery Parhammar, Florida
The Angel, Lund
Tvärgländ, Söderhamn
Stadsbacken, Sundsvall
Danart, Simrishamn
Bolin, Östersund
Lottastugan, Varberg
North, Örebro
Chateau Larnaude, France
Light of the Nordics, Stockholm
Den Clarre, Torekov
Art Venue, Gothenburg
Alster's Manor, Karlstad
Max, Ystad
Ahlbergshallen, Östersund
Roma Kungsgård, Gotland
The art fair in Sollentuna
Kerstin Jonas, London
Gallery Mats Bergman, Stockholm
Gallery Mats Bergman, Karlstad
Sweger, Online gallerist
Gallery Arch Gallery, Kalmar
Art Fair, Sollentuna
The power plant, Djursholm
Hands, Stockholm
Bild o Form, Karlskrona
Bild o Form, Västerås
Agardh, Båstad
Pistolteatern, Stockholm
Lidingö City Hall, Lidingö
Good Books, Höganäs
Harja Gallery, Harja


Various book covers and illustrations
Södra Skogsägarna
The Jewish congregation
National Association of Farmers


Sörmland Museum
Lidingö Art Gallery
Jönköping County Council
Umeå Municipality
The county council in Västernorrland


Artist of the year by DN/Expressen
This year's picture of the art association Våga Se