Collection: Erik Hjorth

Erik Hjorth has his roots in the subcultural graffiti art and has developed his artistry from the controlled to the slightly wilder. He paints on a variety of surfaces, from concrete walls to canvases, and strives to make his paintings look as if they were painted with a spray can, even if they are not. When Erik gets an image in his head, the process begins with a sketch on the computer and then an outline sketch on the canvas. He has a particular fondness for the spray can and describes it as "terribly nice to just spray." Hard contrasts with sharp colors in thick layers are characteristic features of his work. In recent years, Erik has realized the importance of letting the color's own will be involved in determining the final result, which means that drips, splashes and unexpected fusions also play a significant role in his artistic creation.


Summer course in model painting, Kyrkerud in Årjäng


Island construction Hammarö
The KRUT round Karlstad
Clarion Hotel Plaza, Karlstad
Scandic Grand Örebro
Gallery Art & Jugs, Kristinehamn
Gallery Strand, Slottsbron
Laxholmen/Munkfors cultural center, Munkfors
Galleria Mitt i City, Karlstad
Gallery Mats Bergman, Karlstad
AAF Neck Beach