Collection: Carl Johan De Geer

Carl Johan De Geer has had a diverse and controversial career as an artist, musician and filmmaker. He grew up in different parts of the world before the family returned to Sweden. In 1957, he was chairman of Sweden's central organization of students and carried out a provocative campaign in 1967 where he exhibited anti-gun posters under the title "Betray the motherland, be unnational". These posters, including one with the text "Desecrated flag", were confiscated by the police and have become symbols of resistance.

In 1970, he was one of the founders of the textile artist collective 10 Gruppen and was also involved as a trombonist in the prog groups Blå Tåget and Elektriska linden.

One of De Geer's most notable film projects is "Grandma, Hitler and Me" from 2001, in which he explores his grandmother's Nazi sympathies. In 2004, he also created the feature film "With the camera as consolation", part 2. Over the years, Carl Johan De Geer has continued to be an influential and expressive artist and activist.


Graphic design at Konstfack in Stockholm