Collection: Tanja Willyard

Artistic Fusion of the Horse's Beauty and Abstract Vision

Tanja Willyard, a talented artist from Lidköping, presents an enchanting world where the beauty of the horse meets a deepened abstract artistic vision. Her artwork spans different formats, from large-scale paintings to portraits, creating a sense of presence and emotional resonance for the viewer.

In her artistry, Tanja challenges the limits of abstract expression through experimentation and creativity. The abstract works are a source of fascination and invite the viewer to interpret and discover new dimensions in art.

By transforming surfaces into living works of art, Tanja uses a unique combination of alcohol ink and subtle gold color elements. This technique brings her work to life, radiating a unique energy and depth that captures the viewer's attention. Tanja's art is a journey through the beauty and complexity of both the horse world and the abstract art expression.