Collection: Yvonne Nimar

Exploration through Material and Form

The choice of material is the focus of Yvonne Nimar's artistry, and her work is characterized by the fact that she tackles different places based on the found material. She strives to shape and adapt to the nature of the material, which is clearly visible in both her figurative and abstract works. Bo Borg, art historian and art critic, emphasizes that whether it is the more detailed figurative works or the abstract ones, Nimar explores emotional expressions, moods and character traits that are generally perceived.

Yvonne Nimar goes beyond creating art; she explores and communicates through the unique properties of materials. Her artistic practice is a journey through the world of creativity, where the stone and its structure become a co-creator in the works of art. Through this approach to the materials, Nimar creates an art experience that goes beyond the visual and deeply engages the viewer's senses.