Collection: Lotta Sjöborg

Exploring Nature's Changing Beauty by Lotta Sjöborg

Lotta Sjöborg, an artist living and working in Stockholm, finds a place for freedom in painting. It is there that she follows her intuition and meets another part of herself – a part that doesn't need to be rational or efficient, but just be in the moment and follow the flow of creation.

Nature motifs characterize her artistic creation, and it is in nature that she finds insight and beauty. The paintings become a reminder of transience, both her own and our common. Lotta integrates vegetation in a way that makes nature a reflection of dreams, mental states and events.

By striving for an organic flow in her painterly expression, Lotta Sjöborg creates works that are an enchanting mixture of dream and reality. Fragments of vegetation dance on the canvas and create a painterly journey through the beauty and vicissitudes of nature.


Royal Academy of Arts, project studies
Royal Academy of Arts, project studies
Bergen Academy of Fine Arts, free art


Bergagalleriet, Berga care and care home, Solna
Ingela S Gallery, Stockholm
Gallery Hörnan, Falun
Gallery Allmenningen, Bergen, Norway
The Graphic Society, Stockholm
Vallentuna art association, artist of the month


Liljevalch's "Spring salon", Stockholm
Ingela S Gallery, collective exhibition, Stockholm
Edsvik Art Gallery "Autumn Salon"
Rowdarhuset, "Vårsalong", Vaxholm's art association
Galleri Strömbom, "Grafikvekor", Uppsala
Murberget Länsmuseet Västernorrland, "Art injection!"
The antique fair in Älvsjö, with Ingela S Gallery
Uppsala Art Museum "Three parts"
Bergagalleriet, "Art, craft and cultivation"
Gallery Ingela S, "Anniversary Exhibition"
The Graphic Society, "The Forest"
Örebro county museum, "Ingentingskogen", with Maria Sewerin and Lotta Smed
Posten's art association in Stockholm
Tyresö art gallery, "Beyond the mountains near the trees", with Maria Sewerin and Lotta Smed
Falkenbergs Museum, Graphics Triennale
Gallery Pictor, "New graphics", Munka-Ljungby
House of Culture Luleå, Graphics Triennale
Sundsvalls Museum, Graphics Triennale


2021 Konstnärsnämnden crisis scholarship 3
2020 Artists' Board crisis scholarship 2
2018 Cultural scholarship Sundbyberg, in collaboration with KISS (artists in Sundbyberg city)
2012 Stiftelsen Längmanska kulturfonden, in collaboration with Maria Sewerin and Lotta Smed
2010 Artists' Council work grant, 1-year


Region Sörmland
Region Västerbotten
Region Västernorrland
Municipality of Nyköping
Region Dalarna
Sundbyberg municipality
Uppsala municipality
Falu municipality
Region Västra Götaland
Region Östergötland
Sundsvall's Museum
Haninge municipality
Tyresö municipality
Region Halland
Lidingö city
Sundsvall municipality
Region Uppsala
The city of Mölndal
Vaxholm municipality 304