Collection: Julia Cable

Julia Kabell is an artist who, through her painting, gives life to small oases of harmony and harmony. At first glance, her works may appear utopian, filled with harmony and beauty. But like an oasis, they also carry subtle traces of a grimmer reality on the periphery, deviant characters and flaws.

In her artistry, Julia uses earth colors in oil and egg tempera, and she limits herself to five different pigments: burnt umber, red ocher, gold ocher, Prussian blue and titanium white. People and nature, their relationship and interaction, are her main source of inspiration and are reflected in practically all of her works. She explores themes of the wild versus the tamed and reflects on why humanity, as a solitary species, is alienating itself from its own habitat and no longer sees itself as an integral part of it. Motifs of playfulness and harmony are contrasted with the seriousness of her work.

Julia Kabell, born in 1986 and living in the forest outside Unnaryd in Halland's hinterland, is self-taught in addition to two years of studies in the graphic art department at Östra Grevie Folk High School. She has had creation as her passion all her life and over the years has participated in several exhibitions, both solo and in groups. Her art is represented and purchased by municipalities and art associations, and she has also contributed to various publications, including an assignment for the Norwegian Forestry Agency.

Selected Exhibitions:

  • Halland's spring salon, Halland's art museum, Halmstad (Juried) 2023
  • Flaménska Galleriet, Borås Art Association, Borås (Duo) 2023
  • "Habitat", Malung-Sälen's library, Malung (Solo) 2023
  • "Habitat", Gallery Forum, Hylte Municipality, Hyltebruk (Solo) 2022
  • "Track", Folkets hus, Varberg Art Club, Varberg (Duo) 2022
  • Halland's spring salon, Halland's art museum, Halmstad (Juried) 2022
  • Halland's spring salon, Mjellby art museum, Halmstad (Juried) 2019
  • "Now, we, here", Immanuel Church, Halmstad (Group) 2018
  • Gallery Underverket, Glokala Folkhögskolan, Malmö (Duo) 2016
  • "Insight/View", Limhamn Art Gallery, Limhamn (Group) 2014
  • "Dream/Storm", Galleri St Gertruds, Malmö (Group) 2013


  • Halmstad Municipality 2023
  • Malung-Sälen Municipality 2023
  • Borås Art Association 2023
  • Halmstad Municipality 2022
  • Varberg Art Club 2022


  • "The forest and the water" for the Norwegian Forestry Agency in 2022
  • "The cartoonists' appeal against Nuclear weapons and NATO" 2022
  • Art Inside Out's poetry residency Plats.Poesi.Periferi for Region Halland, 2016.