Collection: Gussy Löwenhielm

Gussy Löwenhielm expresses himself through photography in a way similar to his one-liner jokes, where the concentration is on confusing the viewer through a game of contrasts. The motifs are often freely interpretable, and Gussy explores the hidden between light and dark, where the viewer's interpretation is shaped by their own references.

Gussy Löwenhielm is a versatile creator with a passion for expressing himself. He is active as a comedian on stage, author of books, illustrator for DN, creator of sketches for TV and radio and photographer with an evocative style. He strives to arouse emotions and make people discover the rich world of impressions. His first published photos can be found in his fourth book, "I'm Alone to Feel There Are Two of Us Here," which focuses on loneliness through low-key images of deserted places. His photographs have also been seen in the book "En lagom rolig bok om Sverige". Gussy loves photography and is constantly looking for new angles to express himself.