Collection: Gussy Löwenhielm

Photography has always been an obvious way of expression for Gussy, where, like his one-liners, there is a concentration on confusing the viewer in a game of contrasts where the subject is often free for interpretation by the viewer. That there can be something hidden between the light and the dark where the interpretation is often based on one's own references.

Gussy Löwenhielm is a creative firebrand with many strings to his lyre. He is passionate about expressing himself, be it on the comedy stage, in book form, illustrations for DN, sketches for TV and radio or evocative photos. The main thing is to evoke a feeling. To make people discover that the world is full of impressions. The first time Gussy had his photos published was in book form with his fourth book, "I'm alone in feeling that there are two of us here". A book that puts loneliness in focus with low-key images of deserted places. Since then, they have been seen in the book "En lagom rolig bok om Sverige". He loves to take pictures and always finds new angles to express himself.