Collection: Andreas Englund

A recurring theme in Andreas Englund's work is about challenging stereotypes. Most famous is his depiction of the everyday life of an anonymous superhero. The series spans from the superhero's first mission as a young child to being an old man still struggling with everyday trivialities. "We don't want to be judged based on harmful and false preconceptions based on gender, age or physical appearance. Instead, we want to be recognized on our own personal qualities, achievements and abilities.
Some stereotypes are called good and desirable, some stereotypes are called bad or degrading. But mostly: stereotypes are boring! There is nothing more uninteresting than a happy person living a perfect life for example. And that's why it will always be more interesting to break down stereotypes and challenge preconceived notions than to accept them. "


Miami Art Basel
Liljevalch Art Gallery, Stockholm
Jonathan LeVine"Brotherhood", New York
Art Revolution Tai Pei, Taipei
Urban Nation, Rochester and Berlin
Art Copenhagen
Affordable Art Fair, Stockholm
Oxholm Gallery, Copenhagen
Royal Scandinavia, Beijing and Hang Zhou
111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco
Affordable Art Fair, Milan
New Work Gallery, Leipzig
Select Fair at Art Basel Miami, Miami
Art in the Office, Stockholm
Breeze Block Gallery, Portland
Gallery Ramfjord, Oslo
Show at STOP LA, Los Angeles
Hotel Lydmar, Stockholm
Art at Alex, Oslo
The Grand Hotel, Falun
Liljevach's Spring Saloon, Stockholm