Collection: Mathias Frykholm

The master behind Realistic Paintings of Swedish Nature

Discover the beauty of Swedish nature through Mathias Frykholm's outstanding realistic paintings. Living on the idyllic Hammarö near Lake Vänern, Mathias specializes in capturing the unique atmosphere that characterizes the lake's surroundings. His artistic talent shines through in his ability to integrate people into the natural scenes, creating a wonderful symbiosis between humanity and nature.

Mathias Frykholm is a master of detail, and his choice of large formats really enhances the viewer's experience. Every brushstroke and shade of color is carefully considered, giving the works a vivid feel that is almost mistaken for photography. The high degree of realism characterizes his art and offers a unique experience to those who take part in his work.

The work process behind Mathias Frykholm's art is as impressive as the result. Using photographs as inspiration, he first creates sketches which are then transferred with precision to the canvas. His transition from pencil sketches to brush and paint is a work of art in itself. After many years of experience with acrylic paint, he has switched to oil paint for its flexibility and control, which further enhances the realism of his work.

Mathias Frykholm's artwork now adorns many private homes, public environments and businesses. As a full-time artist, he strives to share his art with a wide audience, both within Sweden and internationally. If you appreciate realistic paintings and want to immerse yourself in the beauty of Swedish nature, Mathias Frykholm is an artist whose work you must not miss.

Exhibition selection: Galleri Mats Bergman Karlstad 2024

Gallery Hammar Stockholm 2023

Affordable Art Fair Stockholm 2021, 2022, 2023

Gallery Backlund Gothenburg 2022

Gallery Nordic Art Stockholm 2022

Kabusa Art Gallery Ystad 2022

Hammarö Art Gallery 2021-2023

Carlstad Art Gallery 2020-2021

Gallery Ekdahl Karlstad 2020

Member of the Värmland Artists' Association.