Collection: Mikael Kihlman

An Artist in the Heart of the City

Mikael Kihlman, the wandering artist, captures cities in their most momentary state. Whether it's the cobbled streets of Krakow, the vibrant city life of Montreal, or the atmosphere of Belgrade and Sophia, Kihlman is constantly on the move. His art is a journey through time and human experience.

In Kihlman's work, buildings are recorded that bear traces of human life, death and the experiences that shaped them. It is a visual story of the human experience carved into architecture. But it is not only the physical aspects of the buildings that fascinate Kihlman; light plays an equally central role.

The light in Kihlman's art is neither judgmental nor spiritually ecstatic. It is a revealing light, one that casts an understanding and forgiving gaze on life and its course. It is a love for life itself and an acceptance of the time of mourning to pass. In every brushstroke and shade, the pulse of the city and people's own journey through time and space are reproduced.

Join Mikael Kihman on his artistic walks and discover the soul and light of the cities through his unique perspective and artistic interpretation. A journey that not only takes us through geographical locations but also into the heart of humanity's shared history.


In 2015, Kihlman received the title of Doctoris Honoris Causa at the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw Poland


Vetlanda Art Association
Art Gallery, Karlstad
Orresta Gård, Flen
Gallery Plan B, Växjö,
Graphics, Gallery K, Gävle
Vadstena Art Gallery, Vadstena
Husby Art Gallery, Stockholm
Hudiksvall Art Guild, Hudiksvall
Nan Giese Gallery, Darwin Australia
allery Genesis, Athens, Greece
Blue Street Stories, Galleri Helle Knudsen, Stockholm
Gallery Majnabbe, Gothenburg
Dalarnas Museum, Falun
Art Gallery, Oslo, Norway
Edsvik Art Gallery West, Sollentuna, Stockholm
Graphic Society, Stockholm
Galleria G, Taidegrafikot/Finland's Art Graphic Designer, Helsinki, Finland
Art Hall, Enköping Art Association (with Örjan Wikström)
Manière Noire, Berlin, Germany
Åmål Art Gallery, Åmål
Sölvesborg Art Gallery, Sölvesborg
Art in Karlstad, Karlstad
Galeria ZPAP “ Pod Podloga ”, Lublin, Poland
Holstebro Art Association
Muller Museum, Holstebro, Denmark
Hanaholmen Cultural Center, Helsinki, Finland
Höganäs Museum, Höganäs


Received several international awards, among them in Canada (Toronto and Montreal), Poland, China, Romania, Serbia, Spain and Japan.

In Sweden, he has been awarded the Karlskoga Nobel Art Scholarship in 2001, the Grafiska Sällskapet's Erik Wessel-Fougstedt scholarship in 2004, and together with the cultural journalist Karl Haskel an honorary scholarship from the Nils G. Stenqvist memorial fund in 2009. In 2012, Kihlman received the Krzyzem Kawalerskim Orderu Zaslugi Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej (Republic of Poland's Order of Merit)

Chairman of the Fridellsällskapet
Vice chairman of the Association for Graphic Arts
Active in Grafikens Hus


The Norwegian Arts Council
British Museum
The modern Museum
National Museum
Malmö, Norrköping, Vetlanda, Borås, Värmlands Museum, County Council, Municipalities, Culture Boards, etc.
Collections of international graphics triennials and biennials