Collection: Olle Bonniér

Ulf Bonniér born in 1925 in Los Angeles , died in 2016 in Stockholm , was a Swedish painter , graphic artist and sculptor . Contact with the strong colors of nature came to mean a lot to Bonniér's future painting. At the age of fourteen, Bonniér decided to become an artist. He debuted in 1947 with semi-abstract paintings, but soon switched to non-figurative painting with strictly geometric constructions in an ascetic color scale. During the latter part of the 1950s, his hard geometric style softened, and with freer non-figurative forms and a deeper color scale, he created a dynamic visual effect.


Grünewald's painting school
Technical school


Galerie Colibri, Malmö


Örebro County Council
National Museum
The modern museum in Stockholm
Kalmar Art Museum
Norrköping Art Museum
Gothenburg Art Museum