Collection: Olof Ahlström

The Depth of Painting - Olof Ahlström's Color Expedition

Olof Ahlström , an artist immersed in the secrets of the image surface and the exploration of color, creates works of art that become living expeditions into the unknown. For Ahlström, the behavior of the color on the canvas itself is at the center of interest, where each colored brushstroke becomes an exploration of infinite possibilities.

Painting for Ahlström is a practice where each colored surface is a challenge to the balanced composition without losing harmony. Through simple conditions, he strives to maximize the image surface and create provocative images where successful attempts add something new to the vocabulary of art.

For the artist, the moment when the painting "wakes up" is of particular interest. This is when the color formations reach a critical mass, and a dialogue begins between the artist and the work. Ahlström explores the organic and archaeological in his painting, where layers of information and formations are created through controlled but at the same time random processes.

The painting becomes a journey through stratified layers of color, captured in a timeless dimension. Ahlström invites the viewer into a world of complexity and simplicity, where each brushstroke is a key to revealing the hidden, the organic and the material in art. An artistic expedition that explores the limits of what color and form can achieve on a simple surface.


Large-screen graphics, ÖKKV, 2010
Graphic form, Umeå University, 1996
History of Art, Umeå University, 1994-95
ABF Art School, 1994-96


2023 "Amok", Galleri Oss, Umeå
2022 "Layers", Galleri Mutton dressed as lamb, New York. Via Artsy
2021 "Stråk", Kramfors art gallery
2021 "Sol behind everything", Härnösand art gallery
2019 "Ignote", Ahlbergshallen, Östersund
2015 SCA, Skepparplatsen 1, Sundsvall
2010 “Remains”, Sundsvall museum
​2008 Kramfors Art Gallery
​2007 Ricklundgården, Saxnäs. Scholarship exhibition (with Mattias Olofsson)
2007 Gallery Bechstein, Örnsköldsvik
​2005 "Ur vyerna", Härnösands Art Gallery


2021 Sundsvall's art association
2020 "Si Muove", Diplomatic Art, Timisoara, Romania
2020 "Go to the forest", Örnsköldsvik museum & art gallery
2019 Y salon, Västernorrland museum, Härnösand
​2019 Mitt salon, Östersund
2018 "Mitt i konsten", Köpmanholmen
​2018 "Art for all", Husum
​2017 Gallery Ott, Munich, Germany
2017 "GetbergSchule", Kunstraum Arcade, Mödling, Austria
2016 "Twelve men", Galleri Sjögatan seven, Sundsvall
2015 "GetbergSchule", Länsmuseet Murberget, Härnösand
2014 Diplomatic Art, Helios Gallery, Timisoara, Romania
2014 Graphics Triennial XV 2014 Uppsala Art Museum
2014 Le four Paris Art, Espace d´Animation des Blancs Mantieux, Paris, France
​2013 Y-Salon, Länsmuseet Murberget, Härnösand
​2012 “The Blue Waters, International exhibition”, A. Moncys House-Museum, Palanga, Lithuania
2011 Gallery Lotech, Sundsvall
2011 “To Landscape II”, Universität für Angewandte Kunst, Vienna, Austria
2010 "Starting point Ricklundgården", Galleri Lokomotiv, Örnsköldsvik
2010 Member exhibition ÖKKV, Örnsköldsvik
2010 Gallery No 1, Klæbu, Norway
2010 “To Landscape I”, Örnsköldsvik museum & art gallery
​2009 "Premiere", Galleri VOX
2009 Scholarship exhibition, Galleri Versalen
​2008 The art lands on Ulvön
​2008 The Lägda project: LÄGDA II, Brynge Konsthall
​2007 The Lägda project: HANGAR, Sundsvall
2007 Member exhibition ÖKKV, Örnsköldsvik
2007 Lägda project: LEGDA I, “Vangelmask”, Galleri 13, Sundsvall
​2006 "Becoming" Galleri Candyland. Art fair, Sollentuna. February 16-19
​2006 "Kromgruppen", Galleri Versalen, Sundsvall
​2005 Spring Salon, Lund
​2005 "Toward the north in a southern direction", Galleri Pictura, Lund
​2005 Elite Hotel Knaust, Sundsvall
​2005 "Unconscious, inhuman, human", Galleri Gummesons, Stockholm
​2004 Old Tram Halls, Sundsvall
​1999 "Surface - Time", Gallery Ets Ets Ets, Umeå
​1998 Norrbyskär museum
​1997 Progress, Umeå
1996 Galleri Ägir, Umeå
​1996 ABF Art School, graduation exhibition, Umeå
1996 Progress, Umeå
1995 Humlan's Spring Salon, Umeå


2021 Work grant, Visual Artists Fund
2019 Göran Dahlberg's scholarship for visual artists
2014 Work grant, Visual Artists Fund
2010 Stiftelsen Grafstöm-Sandqvistska fonden's art scholarship
2008 Göran Dahlberg's scholarship for visual artists
2007 Ricklundgården, Sparbanksstiftelsen Norrland studio scholarship


2016 Hedda Wisingsskolan, Härnösand
2015 Konstrummet Falken, Skönsberg, Sundsvall
2010 Service house Knecktbacken, Sundsbruk


The State Council for the Arts
Sundsvall Municipality
Kramfors Municipality
Härnösand Municipality
Umeå municipality
Region Jämtland/Härjedalen
Region Stockholm
Region Västerbotten
Region Västernorrland
Region Östergötland
Lithuanian Artists Board


2015- Curator for public artistic creation, Sundsvall museum
2015-18 Teacher in painting at Umeå Art School
2014-23 Chairman, Art Network in Sundsvall
2013-14 Curator, Sundsvall's museum
2012 Artist in residence. 'The Blue Waters' at the LAA residence in Palanga, Lithuania
2011-17 Teacher in painting at Sundsvall Art School
2011-12 Chairman, Konstnärscentrum Nord
2011 Co-curator at Sundsvall's museum
2010-13 Board member, Göran Dahlberg's Foundation for Visual Artists
2010 Artist in residence. "To Landscape II". Vienna, Austria
2010 Artist in residence. “ÆØÅ – Mid-Nordic cooperation. Klæbu, Norway
2009 Teacher in painting at Härnösands Folkhögskola
2009 Artist in residence. “To Landscape I”. Vienna, Austria
2007 Curator for the exhibition project HANGAR, Sundsvall
2005 "Art here and now" workshop, Sundsvall
2005 Teacher at a painting course for young people