Collection: Olof Ahlström

A painting that often moves in a direction towards the organic, archaeological and the material. Erosion and stratification processes, degradation and leveling. Fields of formations, captured from controlled but at the same time random processes where painting can take a bigger place, can participate and leave an impression.”


Large-screen graphics, ÖKKV
Graphic form, Umeå University
History of Art, Umeå University
ABF Art School


Härnösand Art Gallery
Ahlbergshallen, Östersund
SCA, Skepparplatsen 1, Sundsvall
Sundsvall's museum
Kramfors Art Gallery
Ricklundgården, Saxnäs. Scholarship exhibition (with Mattias Olofsson)
Gallery Bechstein, Örnsköldsvik


Göran Dahlberg's scholarship for visual artists 2019
Work grant, Visual Artists Fund 2014
Stiftelsen Grafstöm-Sandqvistska fonden's art scholarship 2010
Göran Dahlberg's scholarship for visual artists 2008
Ricklundgården, Sparbanksstiftelsen Norrland studio scholarship 2007


Hedda Wisingsskolan, Härnösand 2016
Konstrummet Falken, Skönsberg, Sundsvall 2015
Service house Knecktbacken, Sundsbruk 2010


The State Council for the Arts
Sundsvall Municipality
Kramfors Municipality
Härnösand Municipality
Umeå municipality
Region Stockholm
Region Västernorrland
Region Västerbotten
Region Östergötland
Lithuanian Artists Board


Curator for public artistic creation, Sundsvall's museum 2015
Teacher in painting at Umeå Art School 2015-2018
Chairman, Art Network in Sundsvall 2014
Curator, Sundsvall's museum 2013-2014
Artist in residence. 'The Blue Waters' at the LAA residence in Palanga, Lithuania in 2012
Teacher in painting at Sundsvall Art School 2011-2017
Chairman, Konstnärscentrum Nord 2011-2012
Co-curator at Sundsvall's museum in 2011
Board member, Göran Dahlberg's Foundation for Visual Artists 2010-2013
Artist in residence. "To Landscape II". Vienna, Austria 2010
Artist in residence. “ÆØÅ – Mid-Nordic cooperation. Klæbu, Norway 2010
Teacher in painting at Härnösands Folkhögskola 2009
Artist in residence. “To Landscape I”. Vienna, Austria 2009
Curator for the exhibition project HANGAR, Sundsvall 2007
"Art here and now" workshop, Sundsvall 2005
Teacher at a painting course for young people in 2005