Collection: Ida Bentinger

Ida Bentinger, a prominent Swedish artist with a brilliant career in the art world, distinguishes herself through her atmospheric painting where light and emotion are in focus. Her artistic expression often revolves around nature and people, and she explores the complex interplay between them. After completing an artistic education at Konstfack, Bentinger continued her studies in Italy, where she received a Master's in liberal arts under the guidance of the distinguished professor Luca Caccioni.

Organic forms form a characteristic part of Bentinger's artistry, which is reflected both in her paintings and in her sculptures and installations. She has won the prize for best painting at the Florence Biennale and has impressed with several international exhibitions. Her artwork also adorns public places around Sweden.

Here is an overview of her education and some of her solo and group exhibitions:


  • 2012-2015: Master of Fine Arts, "Accademia di Belle Arti Bologna", Italy
  • 2009-2012: Candidate, "Konstfack", Stockholm, Sweden
  • 2009: "Image interpretation", Stockholm University, Sweden
  • 2008: "Art Science", Stockholm University, Sweden

Solo Exhibitions in Selection:

  • 2023: "Sakrosankt", Kiruna Art Gallery, Kiruna, Sweden
  • 2023: "Status complicated", WAY Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
  • 2022: "Laws of Nature", Klippan's Art Gallery, Klippan, Sweden
  • 2017: "Invation", Arte Fiera (in collaboration with Adiacenze Gallery), Bologna, Italy
  • 2016: Gallery KonstArt, Stockholm, Sweden
  • 2016: Rebild Centre, Rebild, Denmark
  • 2015: Master exhibition, "I mostri denture di noi" (curator: Valerio Dehò and Luca Caccioni), Accademia di belle arti, Bologna, Italy
  • 2012: "The carpenters, love all, serve all" (curator: Annelie Bergh), TV 4, Stockholm, Sweden
  • 2009: Gallery Nordic Light (curator: Jan Linder), Stockholm, Sweden

Group exhibitions in Selection:

  • 2021: "(X)Sites" Landart exhibition (in collaboration with Jasmine Cederqvist), Sjuhäradsleden, Sweden
  • 2020: "Artchaching" LandArt exhibition (in collaboration with Höganäs museum), Skåne, Sweden
  • 2019: "PerAspera" Art festival, Bologna, Italy
  • 2019: "Konstpåkryss", Helsingborg's art association, Sofiero, Helsingborg, Sweden
  • 2017: "Lupanica" LandArt exhibition, Muzzana, Italy
  • 2017: "(X)Sites" Landart exhibition, Kattegattleden, Ängelholm, Sweden
  • 2015: "Land-Shape festival" LandArt festival in Hanstholm, Denmark
  • 2015: "Höstsalongen", Edsvik Art Gallery (juried exhibition), Sweden
  • 2014: "Infiltrazione" Casa Gallery, Bologna, Italy
  • 2014: "Macédoine" Gallery Tedofra, Bologna, Italy
  • 2013: "No Flags" MuseOrfeo, Bologna, Italy
  • 2013: "Le Scimmie" Artifact, New York, USA
  • 2012: "Konstfack's spring exhibition", Stockholm, Sweden
  • 2010: "Höstsalongen", Edsvik Art Gallery (juried exhibition), Stockholm, Sweden
  • 2009: "Florence Biennale", Florence, Italy
  • 2009: "Kullsalongen" (juried exhibition), Krapperup art gallery, Skåne, Sweden
  • 2008: "Spring salon" (juried exhibition), Liljevalchs, Stockholm, Sweden
  • 2008: "Färgfabriken", Stockholm, Sweden