Collection: Karolina Nolin

Karolina Nolin was born in 1973 in Karlstad. Karolina likes big cities. It is in the cities that she draws inspiration for her pictures. The motifs are therefore usually houses, high-rise buildings in rows that stand on checkerboard floors framed by trees and lampposts. Buildings inspired by reality combined with imagination and sometimes everything is pretend. There is hardly a line that is straight, but in some strange way, after all, the pictures do not lack perspective. One reviewer described her visual world as "children's book illustrations for adults", which is an apt observation.


High school teacher in visual arts and psychology


Gallery Mats Bergman, Karlstad
Konstrundan in Karlstad
Affordable Art Fair Stockholm
Gallery Mats Bergman, Stockholm
Sliperiet (A conversation piece) Borgvik
Upper Fryken's art tour Sunne
Gallery Ekvall + Törnblom, Stockholm
Autumn Salon, Värmland Museum Karlstad
The Borgvik sawmill
Putte i parken 2014, poster Karlstad
Hagfors kf, spring salon Hagfors
Thimar/Westling, art in small format Karlstad
The art gallery, Hammarö library Skoghall
Pop up exhibition, Upplandsgatan Stockholm
Putte i parken 2013, poster Karlstad
Sliperiet, open studio Borgvik
Central hospital, art association Vindögat, Karlstad
Pelle tailless in Karlstad, scenography, Scalateatern, Karlstad
Playground Karlstad, scenography, Knights Templar, Karlstad
The autumn salon, Värmland museum
Sweden's Riksdag, Mynttorget, Stockholm
Gallery Karibakka, Sölvesborg
Culture in the 10-mile forest, Konstrunda, Malung
Art promotion, Karlstad
Gallery Kvadraten, Stockholm


Room VII, Clarion Hotel Plaza, Karlstad
The mill, Borgvik
Grand's dining rooms, Karlstad
Frykenstrand, Sunne
VKF-90 years Loft, Värmland museum, Karlstad
Theme exhibition, Tällerud, Karlstad
Vadsbo museum, summer salon, Mariestad
Art gallery in Karlstad


Karolina is a member of Värmland's artists' association, KC-mitt, KKV,
Form in Värmland and in 2014 received the Karlstad municipality's cultural grant for Gustaf
Fröding's memory (shared with Oscar Magnusson – Sliperiet).