Collection: Ulf Wahlberg

Painter of Neorealism and Abstraction

Ulf Wahlberg, born in 1938 in Stockholm and deceased in 2014, was a prominent Swedish artist, painter and draftsman. His artistry spanned a variety of styles, from neorealist depictions of cars and people to abstract works that challenged the boundaries of art.

In Wahlberg's artwork, light played a central role. It was the light that gave volume and atmosphere to his neorealist paintings. His still lifes, characterized by sparse grey-blue shades, were always highlighted by a contrasting colour, which gave his work a unique and emotional dimension.

Wahlberg, despite his extensive production of neorealist paintings, also dared to venture into the abstract art landscape. By experimenting with shapes and colors, he created works that challenged the viewer's way of perceiving and interpreting art.

His contribution to the art world extends far beyond the years of his birth and death. Ulf Wahlberg's art lives on through its ability to inspire and evoke emotions, and his artistry remains a significant part of Swedish art history.


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