Collection: John Normand

Let me share with you a tale of wonder and enchantment — a tale told through the vivid strokes of John Normand's brush. As an artist, John believes in the magic that unfolds when the world is painted. His canvases become portals to a realm where every stroke narrates a story, and you, the observer, transform into a traveler within your own imagination.

- John Normand

In his quest to paint like an alchemist, John employs a diverse array of materials—basic oil colors on canvas, powdered amber, shellac, beeswax, old toy parts, dammar, rain, sunshine, gold, old clock parts, teacups, pots, soft pastel, watercolor, the ocean, saltwater, tales, and much more. Each element seamlessly blends into the narrative, contributing to the unique story that unfolds on the canvas. There are no rigid rules; there is no defined logic. John Normand is simply the storyteller, inviting you to join him in sipping a cup of tea as you explore the tales within his art.


Gallery Nobel, Oslo
Gallery X, Rungsted
Gallery Sct Gertrud, Copenhagen
Own Gallery
Allan Son, NY
Gallery Widinberg, Copenhagen
Gallery Goya, Copenhagen
Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, Copenhagen
Aarhus Kunstbygning, Aarhus
DR TV broadcast, Gallery 11
Gallery Helios, Aarhus
Gallery WI, Viborg
Gallery Ægidius, Randers
Gallery St. Gertrude, Copenhagen
Varde Museum
Carlsberg Art
The Free Udstillingsbygning
Artist's Autumn Exhibition


Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen
Ballerup Main Library, Ballerup
Hillerød Hospital, Hillerød
Bispebjerb Hospital, Copenhagen
Avedøre library, Copenhagen