Collection: Lotta Hellström

Nature's Diversity Designed by Lotta Hellström

Lotta Hellström explores painting in oil and acrylic on canvas, where nature and its relationship to humans are central motifs. Her art carries a freedom from exact depiction, creating room for interpretation and creative exploration.

In the landscapes that Lotta creates, the small scale of man becomes clear. By capturing moments of vast landscapes, she conveys a sense of humility in the face of nature's grandeur. The Scandinavian color permeates her work, where open landscapes still carry a wilderness atmosphere and stillness.

Sometimes the motifs can be perceived as abstract if the viewer allows the eye to reposition itself. The colors meet in a sensitive resolution, which creates an artistic dialogue between realism and abstraction. Lotta Hellström captures the diversity of nature and invites the viewer to explore and reflect on the beauty and interaction between man and nature.


Gelesborgsskolan in Stockholm 1995-97
Art Academy in Trondheim 2003-2007
Valand Academy of Arts 2005


Restaurant Folkhemmet, Stockholm
Gallery Bergman, Stockholm
Hotel Diplomat, Stockholm
The wine counter, Tidaholm

Gallery Thingvall, Runmarö


Gallery KIT, Trondheim
The throne exhibition, Trondheim
Gallery Ismene, Trondheim
Gallery Thomassen, Gothenburg
Arnsteth-Kullgren Gallery, Båstad
Liljevalchs Art Gallery, Stockholm
Sven-Harry's Art Museum, Stockholm
SAK's winning exhibition
Konstnärshuset, Stockholm
Gallery Thomassen, Gothenburg
Redsheep Gallery/ Klockestrand, Kramfors


The Gålö Scholarship 1998
Nord-Plus scholarship holder in 2005
Våga-Se scholarship holder 2006
Emma Ricklund Foundation 2009
Swedish Norwegian Cooperation Fund 2010

Represented/ Represented:
The State Art Council SAK - Sweden's Allmäna
Art association Våga Se
Art association Uppsala Municipality
Uppsala County Council
Älvkarlebo municipality
Västra Götaland County Council
Municipality of Sör-Trondelag
Private collections