Collection: Malin Mossberg

Watercolor master Malin Mossberg and Nature's Mystik

Malin Mossberg, raised in Värmland and now living and working in Gothenburg, is an artist who has gone through an artistic journey where she previously experimented with different techniques, but who today mainly devotes herself to watercolor painting.

In her works, Malin explores the potential of watercolor colors in an innovative way. She creates a sense of mystery where the viewer only senses the human presence in the large natural space. A recurring theme in her art is the relationship between the human interior and the external landscape.

By using the transparency and lightness of watercolour, Malin Mossberg succeeds in capturing moments of beauty and calm. Her work reflects a humble and honest interpretation of the magnificence of nature and the subtle presence of the human in its surroundings. Malin's art invites the viewer to a world of reflection and discovery, where the mysteries of nature are revealed in a unique and artistic way.


Affordable Art Fair Stockholm
Edsviken Art Hall
Gallery Backlund
Rackstad Museum
Higher Art Gallery, USA
Studio Hörnan Haga, Gothenburg