Collection: Albin Liljestrand

Dive into the dynamic and versatile world of Albin Liljestrand's art. He is well known for his dramatic and surreal expression, inviting the viewer on a captivating journey through his artistic vision. Albin, who has a strong preference for ink in his image creation, is distinguished by his reluctance to lock himself into a specific technique. This approach reflects his philosophy about art – there is not just one path to a painting, but thousands. Albin emphasizes the importance of ideas over strict aesthetics, which gives his work a deeply personal touch and reflects his own experiences and feelings.

Albin's creativity extends far beyond the visual arts. He is a talented writer and musician, which testifies to his artistic versatility. Despite his young age, Albin appears as a mature and avant-garde artist, whose work is constantly developing and surprising. His art is not only a reflection of his own life, but also an invitation to the viewer to explore a world full of infinite possibilities and perspectives.


Sundsta-Älvkullegymnasiet in Karlstad - aesthetic programs

Örebro Art School.


Gallery Mats Bergman Karlstad
Affordable Art Fair, Stockholm
Art in Karlstad
Art in Karlstad
The autumn salon in Torsby


Torsby municipality's youth scholarship 2012
Christine Rebane Memorial Fund 2012