Collection: Anette Björk Swensson

Anette Björk Swensson works with an interface between abstraction and representation. Anette paints with oil or watercolor. She is inspired by lines and architecture from her surrounding environment, but also contrasts and similarities with our beautiful nature. Regardless of the choice of motif, it is usually the light and lines that inspire her.


Art Students League, New York


Gallery Mats Bergman, Karlstad
Gallery Alleman's Cat, Stockholm
Gallery 80, Linköping
Swedish Church, New York
Gallery Linné, Uppsala
Green Palette, Stockholm
Gallery The overview
Gallery Helle Knudsen, Stockholm
Gallery Helle Knuden, Stockholm
Agardh & Tornvall, Stockholm


Gallery Alleman's Cat, Stockholm
International Art Expo, Stockholm
Marie Pellicone Gallery, New York
The Loft Gallery, New York
Xavier Gallery, New York
Art Students League, New York
Gallery Linné, Uppsala
Mertz Contemporary Art, London
Spring in Västerort, Stockholm
Liljevalch's Spring Salon, Stockholm
Karby Farm