Collection: Anna-Lena Johansson

Anna-Lena, raised in Norrbotten, began her artistic journey at an early age with her grandmother Tyra Eriksson, an artist from Tornedalen. She has a multifaceted art education, including image pedagogy at Konstfack, image therapy at Umeå University, live workshop training at Växjö University and art major at Sunderby Folk College. Anna-Lena is also a trained Vedic Art teacher and leads art courses for both children and adults.

She has been living on Gotland for many years. Anna-Lena strives to convey joy and a colorful dance through her artistry, to raise the gaze and remind that there are no limits. She sees life as a painting with many layers of paint.

Color and form are central elements in her artistry, and she mainly uses acrylic. But also watercolor, gouache, pastel, ink and oil are techniques that fascinate and enrich her artistic expression.