Collection: Anna-Lena Johansson

Raised in Norrbotten

Started painting early in life together with grandmother Tyra Eriksson, artist from Tornedalen. Anna-Lena has several art educations in her backpack; image pedagogy at the art department, image therapy Umeå University, living workshop training, Växjö University and art major at Sunderby folk high school. Anna-lena is a trained Vedic art teacher and holds art courses for both children and adults.

Lived on Gotland for many years.

"I want to convey joy and a colorful dance, to look up and notice that there are no limits. Life is like a painting and sometimes consists of many layers of paint"

Color and shape, creating is important to me. I mainly use acrylic, but watercolor, gouache, pastel, ink and oil are other techniques that are interesting.