Collection: Mercedes Murat

Precious metals and strong colors are her signature. Mercedes creates modern art based on ancient techniques and with her own set of rules. She works in two different art forms, verre églomisé which involves mirrored gilding and painting on glass and furniture art, exclusive furniture that is created in only one copy, alternatively the pair.

Mercedes Murat's artwork brings something new and exciting to the world of art and she has exhibited her work in venues around the world, such as Milan, Florence, Atlanta, Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Helsinki, Oslo and Sweden, where she lives.

The artist about his work: - In my art I combine 24k gold, platinum, white gold etc. mirrored on the back of glass. Working with these materials that consist of both such fragility and strength is satisfying to me in many ways, but mostly because of its shimmering mirrors and light reflections that make my stained glass pieces change depending on how the light falls in the room. There is a mystery behind these paintings, even for me as an artist. When I paint the motifs on the back of the glass, they come to life on the viewer's side.

My furniture art adds style and personality to your home. Unique art meets design.


The Academy of Crafts Tibro
Verre églomise/Glass art D. Smith - Torquay England


Gallery Phromotion
Gallery The Brush & Iron
Tinatin Gallery, Atlanta Georgia USA
Biennale of Contemporary Art, Florence Italy
Art Palm Beach, Florida USA
Art & Antiques Fair, Leif Holmer Gallery Stockholm
Art Boca Raton, Florida USA
Treasures of the Glass Kingdom, Gallery Phromotion
Ekerum Art Gallery
AC Gallery, Helsinki Finland
Gallery Interart
Gallery 2 Crows, Moss Norway
Gallery 2 Kråker, Oslo Norway
Gallery Rosa Huset
Stockholm Furniture Fair
Design week, Milan Italy
Rösskha Museum
Dalsland Art Museum
Wood and technology fair, Gothenburg
The architect days
Gallery Lucifer
The architect days
Bogstad Gård, Oslo


"Tibro" stained glass facade, Inredia Tibro
"Tibro sofa" furniture art, Inredia Tibro