Collection: Ola Sarri

Ola Sarri is a figurative artist who was born and partly raised in Kiruna. In his opinion, there is an intimate relationship between oil and canvas that no other medium can compete with. Therefore, he tries to attack the paintings as honestly and intuitively as possible. Ola likes to paint in several layers with different textures and abstract shapes that fall into place only towards the end.

Sari prefers not to work from photographs taken by others. His ideas around light, pose, clothes and accessories are a unique process for each individual, and it is not possible to convey these thoughts to anyone else.




Gallery Mats Bergman, Karlstad
National Portrait Gallery, London
Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh
Ulster Museum, Belfast
Arvika art gallery, Arvika
Gallery Skaidi, Nikkaluokta
Gallery Åstugan, Nyköping
Gallery Minerva, Malmö
Kiruna City Hall, Kiruna
Romele art gallery, Lund


Gallery Torekov