Collection: Ola Sarri

Unique Creation Process

Ola Sarri , the prominent figurative artist born and partly raised in Kiruna, brings with him a unique view of art creation. For Sarri, the connection between oil and canvas is an almost spiritual union, surpassed by no other medium. In his world, he strives to approach his paintings in an honest and intuitive way, creations that emerge in multiple layers of different textures and abstract forms, which finally merge towards the end of the process.

Sarri stands out from the crowd by his decision not to work from other people's photographs. For him, each painting is a unique journey, where ideas about light, pose, clothing and accessories form an individual process that cannot be communicated to anyone else. It is this personal and authentic approach that permeates Ola Sarri's art and gives the viewer an insight into the artist's own unique outlook on life.




Gallery Mats Bergman, Karlstad
National Portrait Gallery, London
Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh
Ulster Museum, Belfast
Arvika art gallery, Arvika
Gallery Skaidi, Nikkaluokta
Gallery Åstugan, Nyköping
Gallery Minerva, Malmö
Kiruna City Hall, Kiruna
Romele art gallery, Lund


Gallery Torekov