Collection: Emmy Bergkvist

Emmy Bergkvist lives and works in Högdalen, Stockholm, and describes her art with the words: "I want my painting to make others and myself stop for a moment in the noise and stand still. Watch and warm up a bit. I am mainly captured by colors when I paint. But also of shapes and movement. When the painting is finished, I want others to have the opportunity to do it too, to stay and be captured. It feels important because we often just rush past everything. I paint in acrylic with a knife. The acrylic suits me perfectly, dries quickly so I can quickly throw myself out again. The knife is also absolutely perfect because it helps me not to get stuck. It's solid, scratches, sounds and feels against the canvas."


Mostly self-taught
Kuben Art School, Örebro
Pernby's painting school, Stockholm


Gallery Helle Knudsen
Rågsved's art gallery
The interior design store "Moments and Things" in Enskededalen
Vantör's art association
Gallery Zeitgeist, Uppsala
Gallery Lion, Kalix
Gallery Mats Bergman