Collection: Gunnel Moheim

Gunnel Moheim is an artist who sees creation and creativity as almost as important as breathing. In her painting, she explores different pictorial worlds, such as figures, figures in ambiguous rooms, nature, flowers, and landscapes. She moves freely between these motifs and finds inspiration in her beautiful Stockholm with its islands and water.

Gunnel enjoys working intuitively and lets feeling, curiosity and the unexpected guide her in image creation. She is attracted by the interplay between the hue and light of the colors, as well as the spatial and dreamy aspects of art. One of her favorite mediums is watercolor, and her images tend to be simplistic and sometimes border on the abstract.

In an exhibition catalog from 2012, art critic Jacqueline Stare wrote about Gunnel Moheim's work: "It is very easy, when you are faced with paintings by Gunnel Moheim, to fill them yourself with associations to what you yourself feel and have experienced. Her pictures also put the viewer's— in any case, my imagination in motion, both when it comes to her realistic painting and the almost abstract depictions of rooms where every step into such a room would mean an adventure".