Collection: Gunnel Moheim

Creating and being creative is almost as important to her as breathing. In painting, she moves freely between different visual worlds. Shapes, figures in ambiguous rooms, nature, flowers, landscapes of various kinds, my beautiful Stockholm with its islands and water.

Gunnel likes to work intuitively with feeling, curiosity and the unexpected. In image creation, she is very attracted by the play between the colors and light, the spatial and a little dreamy

The artist really loves Watercolor!!!
Her images are often simplified, bordering on abstract.

In an excerpt from the 2012 exhibition catalog for the exhibition "The Water Cage" at Edsvik Art Gallery, art historian Jacqueline Stare wrote:

"It is very easy, when you are faced with paintings by Gunnel Moheim, to fill them yourself with associations to what you yourself feel and have experienced. Her pictures also set the viewer's – at least mine – imagination in motion, both when it comes to her realism
painting and the almost abstract depictions of rooms where every step into such a room would mean an adventure".

Jacqueline Stare