Collection: Tobias Liljeborg

The Gothenburg-based watercolor artist who captures the beauty of nature

Tobias Liljeborg, born and raised in Oskarshamn but since 2007 living in Gothenburg, is a self-taught watercolor artist with a focus on landscape and nature painting. In addition to his artistic activity, he also has a background from the psychology program at the University of Gothenburg.

Liljeborg's artwork captures the beauty of nature through the watercolor technique, where his self-taught ability creates a unique and personal touch in each painting. Inspired by Gothenburg's surroundings and the Swedish nature, he conveys the feeling and atmosphere of the landscape through vivid colors and subtle brushstrokes.

With a watercolor brush as his tool and nature as his muse, Tobias Liljeborg creates works of art that not only reflect the external landscape but also capture the viewer's inner feelings and reflections. His art becomes a journey through both the outer and inner landscape, and his passion for watercolor painting adds an artistic dimension to his understanding of psychology and human nature.


Self-taught watercolor artist focused on landscape and nature painting
The psychology program at the University of Gothenburg


Fixorama, Gothenburg
RiverCity Gallery, Gothenburg
Easy Living, Gothenburg
Art Tax, Gothenburg (Skatteverket's art association)
Det lille dreieri, Skjeberg Norway
Gallery Anna H, Bovallstrand
Galleri Backlund's Spring Salon, Gothenburg
Culture House Kåken, Gothenburg
Viktor's Coffee, Gothenburg
Gallery Nils Åberg, Gothenburg
Solkustens Konstrunda, Oskarshamn
Frame & porcelain shop, Oskarshamn