Collection: Jan Wessel

In the painter Jan Wessel's artistic universe, imagination is woven together with the picturesque, the playful meets the thought-provoking, and the solemn meets the dramatic. Wessels explores various art forms such as painting, light boxes, collage, monotype, lithography, assembly and installation.

Through many and varied exhibitions, the viewer is invited to encounter elements that seem familiar, perhaps a flashback from a past experience that was forgotten but still buried deep in the subconscious. The artist's pictorial space is filled with associations and references, creating a confusing, yet captivating, experience of life and art. Here, life's contrasting beauty and indulgence are made visible, as well as a characteristic image of various art forms.


Gallery Lorentzon, Stockholm
Gallery Kim Astensen, Gothenburg
Gallery Helle Knudsen, Stockholm

Germany, Japan, England, Belgium, Norway and Denmark


Represented at various museums and foundations in Denmark