Collection: Per Pedersen

Works with figure painting where figures meet in vaults, and alleys in a medieval room character but also collages with sheet music and newspaper articles according to the Spanish school with Tapiés as the main role model. Has also done book illustrations.




Gallery Era, Karlstad
Linnaeus, Stockholm
Gallery Ernst, Sundsvall
Museum of fine arts in Lapinlahti, Finland
Haslev, Denmark
Gallery Mats Bergman, Karlstad
Gallery Art in Karlstad
Gallery Skrekarhyttan, Nora
Kristinehamn's art association
Åmål Art Gallery
Art promotion Karlstad
Gallery Linnaeus, Stockholm
Gallery Abrahamsgården, Norberg
Gallery Fear, Kil
Gallery Slottet, Sunne
Heidruns, Fensbol
Sahlströmsgården Utterbun, Torsby
Gallery Kvarnen, Uddeholm
Art Village 45, Sunne
Gallery Communis, Torsby
Gallery Björnen, Råda
Sundsberg Art Gallery, Sunne
Grästorp museum, Grästorp
Gallery Art in Karlstad, Karlstad
Gallery Three Stairs, Kristinehamn
Galleri Sten, Mellerud
Sillegården, Västra Ämtervik
Länsmansgården, Sunne


Public Works:
Sunne municipality and Stockholm county council.


The State Council for the Arts
Stockholm County Council
Stockholm Arts Council
Sweden's general art association
The Swedish Parliament
A collection of several municipalities