Collection: Johannes Wessmark

Johannes Wessmark is an artist who devotes himself to photorealistic painting, an artistic specialty that is relatively rare in Sweden. Until a few years ago, he had his main collaborations with galleries abroad. Using a combination of acrylic and oil, he creates works that achieve an impressive degree of photorealism and cover a wide range of subjects, including still life, nature scenes, model painting and portraiture. Wessmark's artistry has been recognized internationally for his ability to capture detail in a way that seems almost supernatural.




Gallery Ekdahl, Karlstad
Kils Art association
Gallery Arthouse, Karlstad
Gallery Eklund, Stockholm
Spånga Art association
Species promotion Västerås
Species promotion Eskilstuna
Pfizer Art association Sollentuna
Gallery Oscar, Marstrand
Tierps Art association
Kils Art association
Gallery Oscar, Marstrand
Clarion Hotel Plaza, Karlstad
Ropeslayer-Museet Älvängen
Gallery Stjärnfors Kvarn, Uddeholm
Sunds Mansion, Säffle
ScanWest Art association, Kil
Art association Lusten, Forshaga
Programmer Art-association, Karlstad


Gallery Nord, Örebro
Ekerum ArtHall, Öland
Acqua Alta, San Francisco
Mod Portrait, MEAM Zaragoza + Barcelona
Galería artelibre – Zaragoza, Spain
Figurative Explorations, San Francisco
Arcadia Contemporary, Culver City LA
Houston Art Fair
Los Angeles Art Show, Los Angeles
Los Angeles Art Show, Lotton Gallery, Chicago
The Robert Lange Gallery in Charleston
Gallery Seahorse, Nykoping –
Jones & Terwilliger Galleries, Carmel, California
Gallery Knud Grothe, Copenhagen
ArtHouse Karlstad
Värmlands Museum, Karlstad
Edsvik Art Gallery, Sollentuna
Liljevalchs, Stockholm
Gallery Oscar, Marstrand
Värmlands Art Association, Karlstad
All Media Fine Art Exhibit Howell, Michigan
Melon Festival Art Show, Howell, Michigan
Gallery K, Karlstad


European Museum of Modern Art, Barcelona
The Count Ibex Collection, New York
City of Stockholm, Karlstad municipality