Collection: Ulrica Hydman Vallien

Ulrica Hydman Vallien was one Swedish artist who mainly worked with glass and painting. She became known for her writhing snakes, tulips and wolves on glass and paintings.

She debuted in 1972 as a glass artist. In protest against a conservative industry - which often questioned her bold ideas - she decided to debut with "Råtskålen". It was meant to be an exclusive gift, but she decorated the glass bowl with large black rats and the bowl was immediately scrapped by management and never put into production.

In a ceramics workshop in Åfors, she experimented with new forms influenced by Mexican ceramics. Hydman Vallien can be described as an all-round artist. She is best known for her glass and acrylic paintings, but she also produced ceramics, watercolors and textiles. She started as a ceramicist, but she has won her greatest successes as an artist as a glass designer.

She is one of 50 artists around the world who have decorated the British Airways fleet, including aircraft tails, napkins, crockery, tickets and stationery.


Art department 1958–1962 in Stockholm where she studied ceramics and glass

During her studies, she went on study trips to the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain, and after completing her education, she went on study trips to Mexico and the USA


Permanent exhibition at VIDA Museum & Art Gallery
Artisans in Stockholm
Gallery Kamras in Borgholm
National Museum, Stockholm


National Museum in Stockholm
The modern Museum
Kalmar Art Museum
Gothenburg Art Museum
Röhs museum
Malmö Art Museum
Norrköping Art Museum
Sundsvall's museum, Kulturen
Småland museum - Sweden's glass museum in Växjö
Halland's cultural history museum
Eskilstuna Art Museum
Borås Art Museum
Victoria and Albert Museum in London