Collection: Bertil Vallien

Swedish sculptor, ceramist, glass artist and designer, who mainly devotes himself to glass casting. He is today Sweden's most famous glass artist and designer, multiple prize-winners and richly represented in various museums around the world.

He first got involved with Boda glassworks to compose some glass objects for the company's 100th anniversary. Since 1963, he was active first at Åfors and after 2012 at Kosta glasbruk. There, he has above all become known for casting the glass mass in sand, sand casting. With this technique, he has made shimmering glass sculptures of boats and heads. He has drawn the service glasses Château and Octave . His glass series Viewpoints came out in 1996. His expression moves in a mysterious world of symbols, where the objects call for reflection.


Art department
Ceramic compartment
University of Southern California, Los Angeles


Wide museum
Museum of Contemporary Crafts, New York
Nessimhallen, Malmö
Bonniers, New York
Boda glassworks anniversary exhibition, Stockholm
Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse, New York


National Museum, Stockholm
Kalmar Art Museum
Röhs museum
Linköping Hospital
Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse, New York


The Swedish Crafts Association's silver medal and scholarship funds
Scholarship from the King's Fund
Scholarship from the H. Ax:son Johnson Foundation
Honorary doctorate at Växjö University
Prince Eugen medal