Collection: Lena Source

The Explorer of the Child's Emotional Landscape

Raised in Rælingen outside Oslo, Lene Kilde not only holds a master's degree in production design from Oslo and Akershus College in Kjeller, but also studied at Einar Granum's Art School and Asker Art School. Lene was recently awarded the prestigious Norwegian Culture Council's three-year scholarship for young artists.

In her artistry, which initially focused on figurative steel wire sculptures, Lene Kilde challenges ideas about the boundaries between sculpture and drawing. She has created works that reflect children and their feelings. Lene's fascination with children's body language, which she sees as their purest form of communication, is materialized through sculptures that usually only show hands and feet. These body parts are placed in proportion to each other using metal mesh, and the sculptures are created from concrete, metal mesh and air.

Lene Kilde's intention is to invite the audience to use their imagination to complete the sculptures, fill in lines and volumes, and thus actively participate in the artwork. Her work creates a creative dialogue between the artist and the viewer, and it is this interaction that sets the tone for her artistry.