Collection: Caroline Ohlsson

Caroline af Ugglas expresses herself in a unique way that she has developed through many years of dedicated work. A characteristic feature of her art is the love of patterns in different and sometimes unexpected combinations, resulting in a network of colors, lines and shapes. These designs, which have a Scandinavian and modern touch, at the same time give clear associations to Eastern designs or complex Renaissance iconography. Caroline does not shy away from seeking inspiration far back in art history and has, for example, studied children's portraits, as they were painted by the Spanish artist Diego Velázquez in the 17th century.


Royal Academy of Arts, project, Stockholm
Royal Academy of Arts, MFA, Stockholm
Valand School of Art, Gothenburg


Gallery Kajgatan 34, Lomma
Värmlands Museum, Karlstad
Graphics House, Mariefred
Natalia Goldin Gallery, Stockholm
Art Gallery, Örebro University
Hanaholmen Cultural Center, Helsinki, Finland
Gallery Graphic Society, Stockholm
Gallery Hjärnstorm, Stockholm
Sofia church, Stockholm
Gallery Mejan, Stockholm


Scalateatern's foyer, Stockholm
Konsthall Spisrummet, Värmland
The Graphic Society's 20th anniversary, gathered Getfot scholars
Gallery Strand, Slottsbron, Värmland
SCOPE Basel, Switzerland,
The Fountain Art fair, New York
"Collected in Cyrillus" Värmlands Museum, Karlstad
Holster Projects
Zoo Art Fair, London
Autumn salon at Värmlands Museum, Karlstad
KB – Konstnärsbaren, Konstnärshuset Stockholm
Goldin Gallery, Basel, Switzerland
Graphics House, Mariefred
Botkyrkka Konsthall
Gallery Graphic Society, Stockholm
Gallery SAK; Sweden's General Art Association, SAK, Stockholm
Studio 44, Stockholm
Meeting place Österlen,
Konstnärshuset, Stockholm
Sollentunamässan, Stockholm
Gallery Graphic Society, Stockholm
Galleri Mellanrummet, Royal Academy of Arts, Stockholm
Gallery Slottet, Sunne
Konstnärshuset and Hallwylska Museum, Stockholm
Galleri Gula Rummet, Stockholm
Liljevalchs, "Spring salon", Stockholm
University of Texas, Texas
Konstnärshuset, Grafik våningen, Stockholm
Sörlandets Kunstmuseum, Norway
Bror Hjort's house, Uppsala,
Royal Academy of Arts, Stockholm
Gallery Mejan, Stockholm
Art gallery Hamnmagasinet, Varberg
Gallery Rotor, Gothenburg


2014 Aagot and Christian Storjohann's memorial fund
2008 Längmanska cultural fund
2008 Åke Lekman's Travel Scholarship
2007 Helge Ax:son Johnson's Foundation
2007 Building Culture Scholarship
2006 Ann-Margret Lindells Stora Grafik Scholarship
2005 Art Board's Work Scholarship
2004 Clarence and Else Blum's fund, Swedish Artists Association
2003 Goatfoot scholarship for young graphic artists
2002 Artistic Development Work, Royal Academy of Arts, Stockholm
2002 Stockholm County Council Cultural Grant
2002 Helge Ax:son Johnson's Foundation, Travel to Mexico
2001 Signe and Gustaf Widén's Memorial Fund
2000 Royal Academy of Arts MFA scholarships
2000 Hänel's memorial fund
2000 BUS; Visual artists' copyright fund
2000 Helge Ax:son Johnson's Foundation, Travel to Spain
1999 Graphikens hus, Workshop grant
1999 Helge Ax:son Johnson's Foundation, Travel to Italy
1999 Fredrika Bremer The association's scholarship institution
1998 Uddenberg – Nordic Foundation's Artist Scholarship
1999, 1997 Wilhelm Smith Endowment Fund
1995 Gålö Scholarship
1993 Skogman/NWT/Lion Fund
1992 Artist Gustav Arnold's fund


Gallery Mats Bergman
Holster Projects, London
Natalia Goldin Gallery, Stockholm
Gallery Hjärnstorm, Stockholm