Collection: Hanna Beling

Sculpture is her main means of expression. She works imaginatively and is inspired by, among other things, Renaissance portrait art. She dresses up her sculptures and adds another dimension to the expression by creating atmosphere around the main object with various props, clothing and the like.

The materials Hanna makes the sculptures in are wax, plastic, silicone and bronze. For some time she has been working on experimenting with scales and going up and down in formats. Hanna has especially tried to enlarge greatly, to see how the expression changes depending on whether the size of the sculpture is understated or exaggerated. Perhaps she has a fascination for the untested, the beginning. Her series of animals is a sample of her curiosity for original, primitive mammals.


Nyckelviksskolan in Stockholm
Idun Lovén's sculpture line
Royal Stockholm School of Art


Susanne Petersson Gallery
Katrineholm art gallery
Örebro Art Gallery
Karby farm, Täby
Konstnärshuset, Stockholm
Mjellby Art Museum, Halmstad
Vikingsberg Museum, Helsingborg
Studio 44, Stockholm
Theater gallery, Uppsala city theatre
Gallery Mejan, Stockholm


The Anna-Lisa Tomphson scholarship
BUS scholarship
Uppsala county council scholarship
Bildkonstnärfonden's two-year work scholarship
Bertil Lunden's scholarship