Collection: Maria Cotellessa

Sculptor of Animal Beauty and Climate Awareness

Maria Cotellessa is a sculptor with a main focus on ceramic work, with the raku firing technique being a favourite. She also loves creating monumental works and has had the opportunity to use the impressive gas kiln at Lokatta ceramics, Gotland, for such projects.

She gets her inspiration for Maria's art from forest walks, where thoughts and ideas flourish. Animals and their essence are a central source of inspiration, as are images, stories and events that cross her path. Particularly important to her is the focus on animals and climate in her artistry.

In collaboration with the photographer and artist Elisabeth Ubbe, Maria strives to create sculptures that evoke emotions in the viewer, either by touching or horrifying. Her long apprenticeship under the sculptor Anita Brusewitz-Hansson has shaped her artistic expression, and Maria usually prefers the unglazed, matte expression that catches the light and emphasizes the form. Despite this, she glazes the eyes, giving each individual and creature a unique character. Maria Cotellessa strives to create artwork that is not only visually appealing but also carries a deeper meaning and raises awareness of climate issues.


Skövde Vekstads carpenter training
Nyckelvik School's General Line
Ceramics manager at Västertorps Hantverksgård, Stockholm
Stockholms Handverksförening/Apprenticeship with a sculptor
Anita Brusewitz-Hansson


Gallery Art, New York
Diocletziano, Lanciano, Italy

Gallery Hippo
Optimus salon, Väsby Art Gallery
Kulturbryggan, Landsort
Taxinge Castle, Garden Fair, sculpture in the Italian Garden
Gallery Rita, Gothenburg
Marsvinsholm Sculpture Park
Ekebyhov Castle
Gallery Genesis, Athens
Gallery Tegelstenen, Görveln Castle
Ulriksdal's castle garden
Gallery Hantverket
Gallery Abante Hornsgatspukeln
In Ögat, Drejeriet, Östersund
Artisans, Stockholm


The KRO artists' national care
KIF-Sv. Craftsman and industrial designer
KHVC - Arts and Crafts Centre
ARTISTS - Södermalmstorg 4,
Stockholm ATELJEFÖRENINGEN - Gustavsberg