Collection: Mats Aronsson

The light painter from Växjö to Österlen

Explore the world of art with Mats Aronsson, a painter and graphic artist who makes Växjö and Österlen his artistic homes. In his studios in Växjö and S. Mellby, he creates art in various techniques such as oil, watercolour, lithography and etching. Mats describes himself as a light painter, where light serves as his main source of inspiration.

Mats Aronsson's art carries with it a unique interpretation of the magic of light. By using different techniques and materials, he conveys the feeling of light in a way that captures the viewer's attention. Whether it is the gentle radiance of a watercolor or the profound illumination of oil paintings, Mat's artwork creates a visual experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Calling both Växjö and Österlen his artistic bases gives Mats Aronsson the opportunity to explore different landscapes and light conditions. This is clearly reflected in his work, where nature and light work together to create art that touches the viewer in a deep and artistic way. Dive into Mats Aronsson's light painting and experience the art through his unique perspective.


Konstfack Stockholm


Art salon Sävsjö
Culture House Varberg
Vetlanda museum
Kulturhuset Nässjö
Gallery Småland Alvesta
Huseby Castle
Markaryd Art Association
Culture House Gislaved
Gallery 17 Stockholm
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Växjö police station
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The Norwegian Arts Council
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Kaunas Lithuania
Altarpiece in Högstorp's Church in Växjö
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Växjö municipality's cultural award


The graphics triennial Malmö art gallery
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