Collection: Hampus Karlsson

Painting has become an important part of Hampu's language since he lost the ability to speak and became partially paralyzed after an accident. But even before that he was a graffiti artist who spread his paintings in both legal and illegal places. The basis is spray paint in almost everything he does, but he also supplements with markers, brushes and sponges. Hampus also makes some collages. Want to say that he works with mixed technology today. The artist is inspired by everything related to graffiti. Life in general largely controls what he paints. Hampus paints based on emotions, so it can be anything from daily form to deeper thoughts.


Kyrkerud folk high school painting training
Sundstagymnasiet aesthetic program – Image and design


Open studios, Herrhagen Karlstad
Autumn salon, Kristinehamn art museum
Almen neighborhood, Karlstad
Gallery Runnevålen, Kil
PT corner, Karlstad
Old Power Station, Deje
Winter sun, Tenerife
Autumn salon Rackstadsmuseet, Arvika
Galleri Passagen, Årjäng
Stora Brännbo Conference and Hotel, Sigtuna
Gallery Ludens, Kongsvinger
Jacobson & Schmidt
Hammarö library
Autumn salon Värmland museum
Libra Kristinehamn
Tällerud's homestead Ulvsby
Länsmansgården Övre Frykens Konstrunda Sunne
Krokstad Herrgård gallery
The Borgvik sawmill


Travel grant from Värmland's art association