Collection: Anne Juul Christophersen

Anne Juul Christophersen, is from Halling, bosatt i träskmarkerna i Sydvestjylland. Anne is one of our younger female artists who has already distinguished herself with painting that wanders between imaginative, magical and realistic. Her pictures at first glance look quite innocent: A little girl is sitting in the arms of a big nice teddy bear but oops, is she in danger of being eaten? A girl is standing in a forest with some small yellow birds on her arm. Behind her lurks a large empty house. What happens? The artist often uses the forest as a metaphor for the threatening and the problematic.

Anne always includes people in her pictures where horror is just around the corner. Anne Juul Christophersen belongs to the group of rapidly rising stars of female Danish painters. Anne is also different from the same group of female painters. Where others are poetic, sensitive, Anne is more existential and surreal in her view of her craft. The word ominous inevitably comes from whoever takes time in the company of the paintings.

A quote from Anne Juul Christophersen, has allowed itself to inspire the highlights of this theme: "Heaven and hell are everywhere. You just have to be there long enough. "Duality can be another name for the same subjects.


Galería Krabbe, Frigiliana, Spain
Gallery Ingela S, Stockholm, Sweden
Gallery Ingela S Affordable Art Fair, Stockholm
Grenen Art Museum, Skagen
Nordahl & Nissen Modern, Broad Street, summer exhibition, Copenhagen
Gallerie Rasmus, "Time leaves its mark" with ceramicist Dorthe Steen Buch krabba, Odense
Galería Krabbe, Frigiliana, Spain, summer exhibition
Nordahl & Nissen Modern, Bredgade, Copenhagen, Grand Opening
Art Herning, Gallery Rasmus
Gallery Kirk, Christmas exhibition, Aalborg
Gallerie Rasmus, Christmas in Rasmus, Odense/Copenhagen
Art Copenhagen, Copenhagen
Galeria Krabbe, Frigiliana, Spain
Grenen Art Museum, Skagen
Gallerie Rasmus, Copenhagen
Art Herning, Herning
Monkdogz Urban Art, New York, in November
Gallery Hjorth, Horsens
Art Copenhagen, Copenhagen
Grenen Art Museum, Skagen
Gallery Hjorth, Horsens
Gimsinghoved cultural and artistic center
Art Herning, Herning
Gallery Rasmus, Odense
Art Copenhagen, Copenhagen
Grenen Art Museum, Skagen
Gallerie Rasmus, Copenhagen
Gallerie Rasmus Odense/Copenhagen
European Makers Gallery, Amsterdam
Gallery Lorentzon, Stockholm
Gallerie Rasmus, Copenhagen
Gallery Ramfjord, Oslo, Norway
Gallery V58
Gallery Bænderigården, Horsens
Galerie Contour, Ålbæk, Skagen
Gallery Ramfjord, Oslo, Norway
Tom Franke Art Shop
Gallery NB, Viborg/Roskilde
Gallery Appel, Esbjerg
Gallery Brænderigården, Horsens
Copenhart Gallery
Gallery Appeal
The Secret Gallery


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